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terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2011

Que look !!

Foto que acabei de "retirar" do blog Pedal Digital. Achei muito interessante, pois junta duas especialidades da casa aqui do blog.

quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2011

Falou tudo !!

Trecho da entrevista que o Macca deu esse dias para a Slowitch. Assino embaixo.
Quem quiser ler a íntegra clique aqui. Quem não fala inglês vale a pena usar o google translator.

Well, since then the sport has been tugged and pulled and it's morphed and grown and now we have thousands of events and all have meaning for people in different ways. Speaking as a guy who has been in this sport for three decades, we have a much bigger sport nowadays, yet I feel we have lost something of its soul, or it's meaning. Its history is more than just the Ironwar, and always has been to me. I have gone on to win every race I ever wanted to win as a kid. All I ever wanted to do was know what it felt like to run into the stadium in Roth—the first Ironman ever to be held in Europe—and put my hands up in the air. I didn't care if it had an Ironman logo on the event or not. For me it was about the race and its history. I wanted to run down Alii Drive to the finish line in Kona, not to define me or have Mike Reilly call me in as an Ironman—that is pretty cool though—but for the simple fact that I watched Mark Allen, Julie Moss, Mike Pigg, Ken Glah, Greg Welch, Dave Scott, Scott Tinley et al, do it, and these were my superheroes as a kid. I wanted to feel what they felt. I was motivated by the guys who came before me, and it is this very fact that always mapped where and what events I raced in.